Huddinge Indian Festival 2018.

27 oktober 2018

Huddinge Gymnasium Aulan

En spektakulär händelse för att hedra indiska Konst och kultur. Evenemanget innehåller indiska klassiska och folkdanser, tillsammans med musiken och sång.

With the support of: Huddinge Kultur och Fritid, Embassy of India Sweden and Latvia

Namaste Stockholm indisk restaurang och cafe, Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts

Rachna Creations

Usha Balasundaram

In 2002 she opened her own bharatanatyam dance school called Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts, where her students can learn the fascinating beauty and gracefulness of the Indian classical dance.

SITAR Wizard Shri Harvinder Singh.

Comments on Raga music by Shri Harvinder Singh: When we listen to a raga and just lose ourselves in the music, we are attuning with something of a high and subtle nature that is absorbed by our consciousness while we are listening and concentrating upon the music and its source.

BollyFunk with Deepti

Bollywood dance is combination of energy, expression & colors. BollyFunk with Deepti is a group of Bollywood lovers in Stockholm who are reviving the Bollywood dance,

Veronica (Kathak)

Veronica Tjerned has studied various forms of classical dances from India since early childhood. But decided to focus only on kathak since 1999 as she truly believes you can only master one style in one life time.

Radhini Pasad

Radhini prasad is from Karnataka India, now living in Linkoping. She has a bachelors degree in engineering and always wanted to be an artist. Having said that she is a certified professional.

Stockholm Tamil Sangam

Stockholm Tamil Sangam is a registered Idrotts non-profit organization promoting the art and culture of the World's oldest, richest languages known, Tamil and its people. 

Archana Roy (Flute)

Archana Roy is a Hindustani Classical flutist and vocalist based out of Stockholm. She has done her masters in Flute from Rabindra Bharti University. .

Sanjana Arun (Bharatanatyam)

Sanjana Arun is an A grade artist in Doordarshan and also recipient of the title ‘Nrithya Niveditha’ conferred by Gana Mukundhapriya, Chennai. She has won the Best Performer award from the coveted Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha, Chennai.

Tagore dance and music group

Tagore Dance and music group created a dance and music platform to showcase Rabindranath Tagore’s timeless work. We emphasis training through learning and appreciating Tagore’s songs, poems and dance-drama etc. and finally interpreting the gathered thought to an audiovisual performance.

Archana Bhadule (Marati group)

Maharashtra is the state of India which have made major contribution to Indian Classical music. It's vibrant folk includes powada, Natyageet, Abhangas (vaishnav devotees)and Koligeet(songs from fisher folks of Maharashtra).

Team bollystyle

Team BollyStyle strives to live a perfect mix of retro, semiclassical, and modern Bollywood style of dancing. We are a group of fun-loving and enthusiastic dancers who enjoy the dance as a way of life. We BollyStylers are here to entertain you with our debut performance in Stockholm.

Sweden Telugu community

Sweden Telugu community (STC) is a non-profit cultural organization of Telugu speaking people in Sweden. It is a voluntary organization dedicated to promote Telugu culture and traditions. We are a proud group with a good mix of Students, professionals from various fields.


Sanskriti is a non-profit organization working to promote and create awareness about Indian culture in Sweden. Sanskriti provides a collaborative platform for artists, who are passionate about art and India.

Karizma Bollywood Dance group

Bollywood dance is the perfect means to reconnect people in a light and colourful way while experiencing the Indian Culture. ​ We offer you a world where transformational experiences can occur, not just through dance,

Radha Prasanna (Kuchipudi)

Ms. Radha Prasanna, is an established Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi Guru, a celebrated and admired choreographer and an ardent lover of the Indian art, culture and heritage. She is the founder of Ardhanaari School of Dance in Chennai as well as in Stockholm.

Botkyrka and Stockholm kulturskolan

Students from Botkyrka and Stockholm kulturskolan, under the guidance of UshaBalasundaram, are going to entertain us with their wonderful performances of bharatanatyam, bollywood dance, bhangra , bengali folk dance ,

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